Improve your Dutch by playing improvisation games. Improvisation games will be played in Dutch. This will help you increase your courage to speak Dutch.

Learn to feel comfortable by embracing and learning from your mistakes.
It's better to make mistakes than not to speak at all!

Everything is based on positivity, spontaneity, cooperation and having lots of fun!
No grammar or exams; it's simply designed to help you actually speak Dutch!

How do we proceed?

  • Warm-up to get into your body.
  • Groupformation: getting to know yourself and others.
  • Games and exercises to practice improvisation skills: such as 'collaboration', 'daring to fail' and 'accepting-blocking'.
  • Working towards and learning the basic game forms, the so-called theatresport-games.
  • Present yourself and look at others.


For adults

Every level Dutch