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Dutch as a second language

Who are the courses for?
The Dutch courses at Hart are meant for foreigners living or staying in Haarlem or its surroundings. You can apply for a course at Hart Dutch when you meet three conditions:

- You are fluent in European script.
- You understand and speak English reasonably well.
- You attended school for at least 12 years in your own country.

Hart uses the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for the intake interview to determine the appropriate entry level of each student and to determine the student's development.

Intake test
You will be invited before the start of each course for an initial test to determine your entry level. The intake days are listed in the course of your choice.
Note: students who continue their education and move on to a course following a previous course of Dutch at Hart within the last 6 months are exempt from an intake test.

After registering and signing the application form you have to pay.

Payment options
The tuition fees will be collected before the commencement of the course or activity using a one-time direct debit.

Payment Terms
Tuition fees over 250 euros will be debited in two installments: The first installment will be debited in the month that the course begins and the second one will be debited two months thereafter.
Note: without payment students can not be admitted into the class.

Hart applies Terms and Conditions for its courses. When you sign up for a course, you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions. To avoid misunderstandings we kindly ask you to first read the Terms and Conditions of Hart before registering for each course.

Study financing
If you are eligible for study financing please visit the website of DUO.
Hart can neither assist or advise you in applying for study financing or obtaining residence permits for the Netherlands.

Dutch courses at Hart

Evening classes (twice a week):
Elementary Dutch A1
Pre-Intermediate Dutch A2
Intermediate Dutch B1 Part 1
Intermediate Dutch B1 Part 2
Upper Intermediate Dutch B2 Part 1
Upper Intermediate Dutch B2 Part 2

Morning classes (three times a week):
Intensive Elementary Dutch A1
Intensive Pre-Intermediate Dutch A2
Intensive Intermediate Dutch B1 Part 1
Intensive Intermediate Dutch B1 Part 2
Intensive Upper Intermediate Dutch B2 Part 1
Intensive Upper Intermediate Dutch B2 Part 2

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